an update

In case you didn’t know, I have a slight obsession with Bitmoji.  Just to warn ya ?

I thought it might be time to give an update as to where we are on the baby making front.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful doctor at the fertility clinic here in Calgary.  I saw him on October 6, and he presented a plan to help us.

My issue is that I don’t seem to have any trouble getting pregnant, just staying pregnant.  I’ve had multiple tests done, and there doesn’t seem to be a cause for my four losses.  However, I do have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and therefore my hormones are definitely out of whack.  My doctor thinks that because of my fluctuating hormones, it is likely that my placenta does not develop enough to properly support a baby.  Thus, I don’t make it far in my pregnancies.

So, I’ve been prescribed two drugs. The first is Metformin, which lowers blood sugar, lowering insulin, and therefore lowering my testosterone levels.  I take it twice a day, and so far I’ve had minimal side effects from the drug.  The second drug is Letrazole, which is supposed to support my body during ovulation and increase my chance of getting pregnant.  I take this drug on days 3-7 of my cycle.  I’m then supposed to do the baby dance (this term always makes me laugh) every second day until CD 20.  I’m currently on day 9, so I just finished my first five days of Letrazole.  I have to say, it was brutal.  Constant nausea, lack of appetite, and frequent trips to the bathroom.  It made my work week an unpleasant one for sure.

If I’m not pregnant in the next three months, I’m to make another appointment with my doctor.

So there you have it, this is my life at the moment.  For my mental health, I’m trying to focus on other aspects of my life – my work, my friends.  Having infertility at the forefront of my mind was making me feel obsessive, crazy, and depressed.  It’s hard not to think about it, when I’m taking all these drugs, but I’m doing the best I can.

Wish me luck!


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