Big News!

Alright, I know that I’ve been quiet for a few months, but honestly, it was to save my sanity.
My last post updated you all on my journey with my new meds. I was taking Letrazole and Metformin. We are feeling very lucky because on my first month of these meds, we got pregnant! On November 19, I had a positive pregnancy test. While we were over the moon, those two pink lines made me feel a huge amount of anxiety.

Once of the most common themes I hear from people when I was dealing with miscarriage was that “there will be a new pregnancy, a new baby.” And yes, it’s true. When I was pregnant with my twins, that was my mantra. It’s a new pregnancy, new babies, new experience.  But when that pregnancy ended too, it felt like I had no hope left for another baby.

So, with that said, the past 2 months have been difficult. It was difficult to take it easy, to not imagine the worst, and to hold on to the tiniest bit of hope for this new baby. We went in for an ultrasound at 7 weeks 5 days, and were told we were measuring 6 weeks 1 day. But there was a heartbeat. Sadly, I’ve seen a heartbeat one week and not seen one the next. My next scan wasn’t until January 24, yesterday. It was the longest wait of my life.

I couldn’t believe it when the tech showed us our baby, jumping and moving around, and measuring 12 weeks 5 days. I’ve never made it past 9 weeks before. Tears of joy streamed down my face. And so we decided to announce. In my four previous pregnancies, I never got to announce.

So here it is:

I. Am. Pregnant!

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